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Our Expertise

Our experience in markets throughout the United States and healthcare focus gives us a significant head start in understanding your needs. 

We also fully integrate with you. Through our multi-phased, tailored approach we co-create and implement unique physician engagement and marketing solutions.

This is a proven model that best serves the needs of our clients.

Understanding the Local Physician Community

Our expertise includes the creation, implementation and analysis of physician-specific research gaining insight into perceptions of organizational reputation, leadership effectiveness, level of trust and satisfaction.


It also reveals the depth of relationship strength and the willingness to support a clinically integrated / value-based provider network.


Defining Physician Leadership and Organizational Success

HC Marketing has worked with CINs, ACOs, IPAs and large multi-specialty groups, contributing to our significant knowledge base regarding organizational physician leadership.


This is extremely beneficial as we assist
in strategic planning and defining physician leadership activity and responsibilities that are the core of physician engagement. We make sure these efforts are fully supported and strategically guided. 

Network Branding and Marketing

Often our clients require the creation a public brand to differentiate themselves within the local marketplace. Our experience in creating network brands assures key audiences including payers, employers and patients understand the value-based solutions available.


We also provide internal and external support to assure participating physicians identify with the network brand and it’s goals.

Program Metrics and Outcomes

Physician engagement must be aligned with quality metrics, network data analytics, point of care tools and other workflow recommendations designed to assist physicians in their practice.


We work with clients to determine the areas of success and the areas that need improvement in order to take appropriate action to improve individual physician and overall network performance.



Reaching Physicians

Initial contact is as important as the ongoing engagement of physicians to assure accountability and success. HC Marketing creates and effectively manages comprehensive engagement activity.


These efforts include multiple phases to implement key strategies and tactics, with significant focus on peer to peer / physician to physician targeted outreach.


We also utilize broad-based strategies to work concurrently to educate and motivate participation in the clinically integrated /value-based provider network.

Affecting Behavior Change

Physician and practice behavior change is the end game for successful value-based healthcare delivery and effective 
population health management.

Changes to referral patterns, adoption of best practices, workflow adjustments  and an overall willingness to practice in a team-based environment contributes substantially to physicians' ability to be successful and sustainable.


HC Marketing’s comprehensive physician engagement approach allows clients the ability to affect behavior change at a detailed, granular level.

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