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How Our Approach is Different

We’re hands-on. We become a part of your organization and its team.

We’ve worked throughout the United States and spend significant time in the local market building
relationships that go well beyond the traditional client / consultant approach.


Our quality of implementation is a result of spending more time onsite with organizational leadership, staff, local physicians and other healthcare leaders. We fully understand evolving market dynamics and provide strategic physician engagement services accordingly.


This is the foundation for strong client planning, effective implementation and our collective roadmap for success.

We’re there every step of the way.



“HC Marketing has been integral to our success to date. Being able to use their physician engagement strategies and organizational ‘lessons learned’ in concert with our unique market needs and strategic goals has allowed us to proceed to market at a very rapid pace. They are a great part of our team.”

George Wortham, III, MD
Executive Director, Clinical Services
MetroCare Physicians, Memphis TN


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